Monday, April 28, 2008

[Scotch Log] Dalmore 12 Year

Scotch: Dalmore 12 Year
Region: Highlands
Malt: Single Malt
Price: ~$30
Proof: 86

It scored a 92 from wine enthusiast, and they'd know right? Erm, except it isn't wine. Ah well! I like it pretty well. And not just because I'm drunk. It's quite tasty, not too harsh, and overall I'd call it a very acceptable every day drinking scotch. Which is to say, I'd be happy to drink it every day, and it is priced such that such a thing is an achievable goal.

Color: Blonde, with hints of dirty.
Nose: I can't smell nothing! I'm drunk! Durnk even!
Flava: Sweet and reasonably smooth for a 12 year. Smooth that is. Never mind. Fuck you! It's tasty!

Edit: Says the internet: "The malt tones are accompanied by notes of orange zest, cherry and oak. It also strikes me as slightly sweeter than other single malts." It also calls the whisky "delightful", which is both hard to spell when drunk and means "yummy".

Note to self: highland = sweet?