Thursday, May 19, 2011

[Scotch Log] The Classic Cask - Tomatin

Scotch: Classic Cask bottling of Tomatin Distillery
Region: Highland
Malt: Single Malt, 30 years
Price: uh. Lots.
Proof: 86

It's my 30th birthday so we thought that we'd better break out this 30 year old bottle that's been lurking in the cabinet waiting for a special occasion. Here's what we think:

Color: Amber (scotch colored!)

Nose: A very gentle, sweet nose with no alcoholic burning waiting to catch the unwary nose by surprise. Malty vanilla flavours, oak, a touch of the medicinal.

Taste: Chestnutty! It makes Lisa want to chew it, and she says it's the most distinctive flavor she's ever had in a Scotch. Very full oaky flavor with a hint of peat. Water seems to make it a little more astringent. It really sits in the back of your throat and lingers for a good long while without losing much of its character too.

Overall: A damn tasty dram that holds up to its age. The vanilla and oak from the long cask time are prominent, and the delightful light nose balances the unique flavor and slight astringency.