Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[Mixed Log] Spanish Coffee?

Look at me creating a new log group for mixed drinks. I'm such a rebel!

One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle is Bleu, up on Broadway. I'd link you to their site, but it appears to have expired and gotten renewed by a little ad-bot. Oops. Anyway, there are many things about Bleu that I could gush over endlessly, but in light of the topic of this blog, I'll just post some information about the Best Coffee Drink Ever.

1) Procure a large glass mug
2) Dip the rim in 151
3) Dip the rim in cinnamon and sugar
4) Caramelize. With Fire.
5) Fill this Delicious Glass with coffee, strongly brewed
6) Add Kahlua
7) Add Grand Marnier
8) Add Brandy
9) Dollop whipped cream on top

Viola! You have the most amazing alcoholic coffee drink ever brewed. I wish I could remember the name of this monster... I want to say it was some variety of Spanish coffee, but I can't quite remember. Maybe Kai can check for me next time he goes. I'll need to experiment some on the portions, but I suspect about an ounce of each of the liqueurs will do the trick - with perhaps a bit more kahlua and a bit less brandy.


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ojiikun said...

So, per the lady at Bleu, they totally stole the idea from Tini Biggs, where it's called the Spanish Martini, or simply "the Spanish".

- 1 martini glass, rimmed with sugar
- 1/2 oz bacardi 151 in the glass, set ablaze
- 1 dozen or so good shakes of nutmeg and cinnamon, right on the flames
- (extinguish the flames, and your drapes)
- in a shaker mix 2oz kahlua, 1oz cold strong coffee, and 1/2 oz grand marnier until frosty
- strain into glass, top with a thin layer of heavy cream

And, um, take my word on this one - don't try to "blow out" the 151, or else the drapes really will catch fire. "snuff" is the key word.