Monday, August 17, 2009

[Scotch Log] Oban 14

Scotch: Oban 14
Region: West Highlands
Malt: Single Malt, 14 years
Price: ~$75
Proof: 86

I know that I've claimed before that a scotch is "golden" but I think the Oban 14 really epitomizes the statement. Tawny golden. Your mom's wedding ring golden. Sun shining down and lighting up your whole glass golden. It's really damn golden.

The nose of the Oban is pretty complex. There's an initial hint of peaty-ness that would usually turn me off, but it leans towards the oaky side of the spectrum, so that's ok. Past that initial peaty whiff there's a much sweeter nose: something slightly vanilla and slightly floral without being at all cloying.

The Oban 14 really stands alone in its flavor. It has just enough warmth and kick to keep you paying attention, but overall is very wet and more mellow that some of its brothers. Flavors of green wood with just a hint of pine mingle with a velvety caramel undertone, combining into a lovely, complex, intelligent taste. It finishes with a hint of sea salt, but leaves the palate moist and quenched. Though the initial taste wasn't harsh, I found my mouth tingling with warmth for minutes afterwards.

Anyway, if you couldn't tell: I'm a pretty big fan of the Oban 14. It's very different from any of my other sweet, standard scotches and provides a nice change. I'll definitely be adding it to my staples, next to the Glenmorangie!

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