Monday, November 22, 2010

[Cocktail Log] The Jack Rose

The Jack Rose is a tasty and easy to mix drink. It is excellent for making once you've had a few, because it doesn't require any careful measuring or a thousand bottles. It's three ingredients:

Lemon Juice

The simplicity of it is also what makes it fun to experiment with. If you look around you'll find a truly astounding variety of proportions given. Start somewhere and then play with it. I've found that in a well-mixed Jack Rose you can't taste alcohol at all. It's very smooth. In general: more grenadine to sweeten it, more lemon to sour it, and more applejack when you can taste either grenadine or lemon juice. I think I found that 4:2:1 was pretty tasty, but I was eyeballing my mixes, so hard to tell exactly!

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