Saturday, February 20, 2010

[Scotch Log] Tormore 12

Scotch: Tormore 12
Region: Speyside
Malt: Single Malt, 12 years
Price: uh. $40?
Proof: 80

I picked this scotch up because I was having a bad day, and happened to be near a liquor store. Which, as intros go, isn't the possible lead-in. However, the speed at which we went through this bottle is a testament to its numminess. After breaking into it that evening, Pyrona managed to sneak about half of this bottle before I even noticed and caught up.

Color: Light yellowy-orange.

Nose: caramel and spun sugar, cinnamon, with oak highlights. This nose is quite robust, and despite the sweet sounding adjectives it's still unmistakably scotchy.

Taste: Powdered sugar, apples or apple blossoms. This is a low-peat, very wet, almost slurpable easy drinking scotch. Like many of our favorite Speysides, it's unchallenging for daily drinking but complex enough to stay interesting. The bottle tells us "toasted almonds, citrus, and barley sugar". We're calling bullshit on the citrus, but the toasted almond rings true. Pyrona says it's... marzipanny. No lie.

Overall: I'll happily grab another bottle of this. Although it might not quench my thirst for a strong, throat-burning scotch, it's a great sip for a quick quaff on a weekday.

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LisaBit said...

Did you really think I was tipsy enough to let you get away with quoting me on "marzipanny"? ;P