Monday, May 31, 2010

[Wine Log] Marshal's 2006 Barbera

Wine: Marshal's Winery - Tunnel Vision Red Barbera
Year: 2006
Region: Washington State
Alcohol: 13%

Recently married RJ and Hoppers drove on a cross-country climbing extravaganza, and were kind enough to return from their trip with piles of west-coast beer and wine. Among their generously-shared spoils was a bottle of 2006 Barbera, a varietal that I have tried once or twice, but rarely been impressed with.

The Tunnel Vision Red Barbera proved this grape to be quite delightful. The nose is rich and a lot like a (good) Malbec, with warm molasses notes, dark chocolate and spices. The color is extremely, extremely dark and opaque; very deep burgundy not at all leggy, and with a bit of sediment. To taste the wine is sweeter and more citrus than the nose would suggest, but still rich and filling with a long, spicy finish.

Absolutely excellent - I know I will regret not being able to get this wine in Atlanta.

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